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Who are we?

The word ‘iam’ comes from the greek word iam meaning ‘to be present’ which is deeply rooted in the style and practice of our teachings, encouraging students away from the ‘autopilot’ style of movement and thought.  We recognize that people have many reasons for starting to do yoga that range from those that are purely physical to emotional or spiritual motivations – We think that every reason is just as good as any other.  We do not project traditional ‘ideas’ around the meaning of ‘yoga’ onto our students or in our classes.  Our instructors guide students and assist with adjustments to make each posture, breath, and action as effective as possible for the mind and the body – encouraging each individual to seek out their own definition of what ‘yoga’ should mean for them.

Practicing in a heated room helps facilitate this by keeping the muscles warm for deeper, safer, and more effective movements, while also assisting in the detoxification of the body through a healthy sweat, cleansing the largest detoxifying organ in our body, our skin.

Rather than sticking to one school of thought on yoga and fitness, our instructors draw from both modern and traditional concepts of yoga, pilates, health, fitness and mindfulness to offer the most effective and complete class selection. Including many signature classes like Core Flow, a combination of Pilates & yoga targeted at building core strength, and Detox Flow, a series of twisted postures and backbends that help detoxify your internal organs as well as more traditional practices like Yin Meditation, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Hatha.

Because we don’t teach the same thing in our classes every day, we minimize muscle fatigue and help to create a well-rounded and effective yoga practice for the mind and body regardless of whether or not you’re new to yoga, have tried yoga previously, or have practiced yoga for many years.

We encourage students to regularly attend a variety of classes to help maintain a healthy body and mind.





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We welcome student feedback – both positive and constructive in nature. Please use the form below to share your comments – we want to be your favourite place to get sweaty and grounded in the city – let us know how we can do that for you!

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